It is becoming a globally recognised issue that we need to engage in more physical activity to strengthen and enhance not only our bodies but also our minds.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), ‘globally, around 31% of adults aged 15 and over were insufficiently active in 2008 (men 28% and women 34%). Approximately 3.2 million deaths each year are attributable to insufficient physical activity’.

Chiropractors aim to enhance the health and performance of all of us engaging in physical activity from the weekend warrior to the high level athlete. An increasing number of professional sporting teams engage in regular Chiropractic care to enhance their performance and keep their bodies free from interference to achieve their highest level of fitness.

Chiropractors use a range of techniques to treat and prevent sporting injuries including:

  • manipulation
  • mobilisations
  • soft tissue therapies
  • stretching
  • exercises

But our care extends most importantly to education on the correct way to use your body during exercise to not only reduce any existing injuries but also to prevent further injuries and achieve optimum performance and results from training! Here are some other areas we can help to educate and support you in achieving your health goals:

  • Starting with the basics: correcting posture
  • Tailoring workouts to your body type and goals
  • Achieving safety and stabilisation as a basis for strength
  • Correct technique and form
  • Correct sequence of muscle activation
  • Correct warm up and cool down routines
  • Correct stretching techniques
  • Advice on nutrition and mentality to enhance overall health and performance