13211136_10156779265935562_1880771455_oPregnancy is one of the biggest times in a woman’s life. It involves lots of changes to your body; physically, emotionally and chemically.

A lot of changes happen to your spinal curvatures and alignment as your body grows and changes for the baby, these changes coupled with the influx of the hormone relaxin can lead to some instability in joints which can cause the common aches and pains during pregnancy.

Chiropractors can monitor a mother’s rapidly changing body to make sure everything is progressing as it should be while maintaining full function, therefore making pregnancy a much more comfortable and natural experience for both mothers and their babies.

The documented effects of Chiropractic during pregnancy include:

  • Reduction of neck pain and headaches
  • Reduction of back pain
  • Reduction of pelvis, hip and sciatic type pain
  • Help with the management of nausea
  • Improved pelvic floor control