13211136_10156779265935562_1880771455_oPregnancy is one of the biggest times in a woman’s life. It involves lots of changes to your body; physically, emotionally and chemically.

A lot of changes happen to your spinal curvatures and alignment as your body grows and changes for the baby, these changes coupled with the influx of the hormone relaxin can lead to some instability in joints which can cause the common aches and pains during pregnancy.

Chiropractors can monitor a mother’s rapidly changing body to make sure everything is progressing as it should be while maintaining full function, therefore making pregnancy a much more comfortable and natural experience for both mothers and their babies.

The documented effects of Chiropractic during pregnancy include*:

  • Reduction of neck pain and headaches
  • Reduction of back pain
  • Reduction of pelvis, hip and sciatic type pain

Can Chiropractic adjustment turn breech babies?

No, Chiropractors do not profess to be able to turn babies. But using a technique specifically designed for pregnancy called the Webster Technique we release and mobilise specific ligaments and joints of the pelvis and sacrum to allow as much space as physically possible for the baby to get into the optimal head down position for birth. This open pelvis coupled with home exercises/stretches and postures that we can guide you through can give the baby the best chance possible to turn on its own.

Is Chiropractic treatment safe during pregnancy?

A 2012 review of the literature dating all the way back to 1978* found only 2 documented adverse events in the history of Chiropractic and pregnancy. So Chiropractic can be said to be quite safe during pregnancy. All of our treatments are changed during pregnancy to accomodate for your comfort and of course the safety of the baby, so we use some different techniques than we usually do during this time.

When can I start getting adjusted again after I have my baby?

The only limit on how soon you can come back is your comfort. If you had a Caesarean and aren’t able to lie on your stomach we can do side lying techniques, if you are breast feeding we have a pillow to allow you to lie face down comfortably. Our treatments will always be altered to accomodate to you and your body’s needs wether you’re 2 weeks post partum or 2 years post partum.