13211080_10156779265945562_1721266452_oWhat happens on my first visit to the Chiropractor?

During your initial consultation with us we will first ask you to fill out some forms then we can have a chat about your current health goals or concerns, your medical and family history, your lifestyle and overall wellness. Then we will complete a neurological and postural assesment as well as check your spinal and extremity joint mobility and muscle tightness levels. This will all allow us to zero in to the areas of your body we need to release and create a bigger picture plan for your treatments and health long term. Depending on our findings, your first treatment may or may not including adjustments, mobilisations and soft tissue work. As well as some advice on stretching, posture, nutrition, hydration and supplements.

What is a Chiropractic adjustment?

A Chiropractic adjustment is a fast but low force movement that Chiropractors apply with their hands or sometimes specialised instruments to correct a joint which has become mis-aligned and therefore may be causing you pain or altered function by disrupting the messages being sent to and from your brain via your nerves.An adjustment is just one of many tools a Chiropractor may use during a visit to restore your body’s optimum movement and function to improve not only your symptoms but your overall health.


How many visits do I need to have?

There is no formula or schedule for how many visits a particular person or condition might need to get on the right track. All of our recommendations are based on a combination of your history, the severity of the condition and how well you are responding to treatment so far. For example someone with symptoms of migraine or a disc bulge may need more visits initially until inflammation settles and mobility returns and then overtime may only require a ‘check up’ occasionally to make sure the body is still stable and able to heal itself well enough to prevent the build up to these types of conditions again. Everybody is different which is why we always treat the person as a whole and not just the pain.