Dr Gabrielle Chan completed her studies at Macquarie University and obtained her Bachelor in Chiropractic Science and her Masters in Chiropractic. Throughout her life, Gabby has been surrounded by holistic and alternative approaches to health that has broadened her approach to not only better her own health, but the health of others. She places emphasis on finding and addressing the core of what could be causing her patients issues, while also considering the patient as a whole. She looks at all points of her patient’s health, not just the physical presentation of their issue, and works with them to better their wellbeing. She has a particular interest in women’s health, pregnancy and headache relief. After years of committing herself to representative softball, Gabby now focuses on her nutrition, gym goals, and her happy and healthy wellbeing. She hopes to be able to guide her patients through all stages of life for them to achieve and maintain their optimal health.